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Seiko / TMI NH35

Seiko / TMI NH35

Technical data:

  • Automatic winding with the possibility of manual winding
  • 24 Jewels
  • 21.600 half beats per hour (6 beats per second)
  • 41 Hours power reserve
  • Date display

NH35 is an automatic winding mechanism, which can also be wound by hand. It is equipped with 24 jewels that provide high precision and durability. It beats at 21,600 half beats per hour (6 beats per second), making it an incredibly accurate mechanism. With a power reserve of 41 hours, it can run for extended periods of time without being wound. It also features a date display.

The NH35 is a well-known and reliable mechanism used by many leading watch brands. It is affordable and easy to repair, which makes it a good choice for our watchmakers and enthusiasts. By implementing the NH35 mechanism into our 3D printed watches, you can be sure that you will get a high quality and durable product that you will enjoy for years.


Are the watches waterproof?

Our 3D printed plastic watches are splash-proof, but not suitable for full immersion in water. Although they can withstand brief contact with shallow water, we do not recommend wearing them underwater to avoid possible damage to the movement and dial. Please take this into consideration when using your watch.


About fUSIO24

About F.24 / fUSIO24

Behind F.24 / fUSIO24 is me, Konstantin Krieger, a passionate tinkerer, inventor and advocate of artificial intelligence. It is my vision to create bridges between the virtual and real world and to participate in exciting projects, be it the realization of a 3D scanner or the construction of resin 3D printers.

I firmly believe that 3D printing, 3D scanning, blockchains and artificial intelligence will shape the future and can make our lives even more individual. With fUSIO24, I want to further develop my skills and knowledge in these areas and pursue my passion for watchmaking and experimenting with materials. It is an exciting journey where I explore new possibilities, develop innovative concepts and use the potential of artificial intelligence to create unique and personalized watches.